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Final project reports

Please contact authors for scripts and should you want to use any of their work.

CART analysis of community attitudes towards Hirola conservation

Abdullah Hussein Ali

A grid Graphics approach to visualizing ecosystem effects of beavers

Erin Bast

Effects of invasive plants on small mammal communities: maninpulating grid and transect data

Joseph Ceradini

Paired home range size, joint-space use, and similarity indices in R

Justin Clapp

Environmental and physiological drivers of competitive advantage among trees: Bayesian regression in R

Paige Copenhaver

Nutrients in streams: graphical approaches to data validation

Natalie Day

Bar and proportion plots for comparing floral and insect diversity and abundance

Sarah DePaolo

Comparative phylogenetic analyses in R

Nicholas Dowie

Analysis of GC data to determine seasonal and geographic variation in fatty acid profiles of native bees

Susma Giri

Using R to analyze animal diets from stable isotope data

Carl Koch

Integrating R with GIS to track frog movement

Anicka Kratina-Hathaway

Visualizing effects of fire on plant communities using R and GIS

Shawnacey Meares

Using R to analyze of the effects of elevation on body condition of moose

Brendan Oates

R analyses of the effects of pine beetle-induced pine mortality on understory vegetation

Greg Pappas

Factors limiting growth and survival of wyoming toads

Julia Polasik

SIMPER analyses of the effects of global change on grassland plant communities

Jennifer Richards

Power analysis for laboratory experiment on bee metabolism

Jessica Vogt