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September 2021

Recent publication featured on the cover of Trends in Ecology & Evolution!

Woods, H.A., Pincebourde, S., Dillon, M.E. and J.S. Terblanche. 2021. Extended phenotypes: buffers or amplifiers of climate change? Trends in Ecology & Evolution. View Publication

August 2021

Dillon Lab members helped a local Girl Scout troop earn their insect badges.  Thank you to Claire Campion, Sarah Waybright, and Ellen Keaveny!

June 2021

Congratulations to Claire Campion for her recent publication!

Campion, C., Rajamohan, A. and J.P. Rinehart. 2021. Cryopreservation of seminal vesicle derived spermatozoa from Bombus impatiens and Apis mellifera – Implications for artificial insemination of bumble bees. Cryopreservation. View Publication


May 2021

Congratulations to Ellen Keaveny!  Ellen passed her preliminary exams for her PhD progam.

May 2021

Congratulations to Ethan Rowe!  Ethan graduated with a BS in Zoology and will be joining Dr. Michael Smith’s laboratory at Auburn University for his PhD.

March 2021

Congratulations to  Claire Campion!  Claire received an L. Floyd Clark Research Scholarship from the University of Wyoming.

December 2020

Congratulations Sarah Waybright!  Sarah received the 1st place President’s Prize for her virtual talk at the Entomology 2020 Conference!

November 2020

Insects move to higher elevations as Earth warms

See the article or listen to the interview on Wyoming Public Media!

August 2020

Welcome Claire Campion!   Claire is coming to us from North Dakota State University to pursue a Masters in the Program in Ecology.

July 2020

Welcome Travis Rusch!  Travis is a post-doctoral researcher, coming to us from Texas A&M University.

June 2020

Welcome Craig Garzella and Sarah Wannemuehler!  Craig is a new doctoral student in Zoology & Physiology, and Sarah is an undergraduate in Zoology.

June 2019

Welcome Sarah Waybright!  Sarah is a new doctoral student in the Program in Ecology.

September 2019

Welcome Shayne Dodge!  Shayne is a new masters student in Zoology & Physiology.